November 4, 2014

Our Business Process Assessment, or BPA, is part of our Kaleidoscope offering that lets us take a look at your organization to understand your current business environment, design systems, processes and challenges. We help uncover areas where there is room for improvement – like inefficiencies, bottlenecks, duplicate work – and find areas of opportunity to save money, improve workflows and communication, see if new technologies are right for you, and then make sure you maximize the investment you make in these areas.
Here’s an example of how BPAs and BIM go together.  A company focused on transportation was looking to determine if it made sense to invest in the software, implementation, and training that would enable them to be proficient with BIM.  Synergis was able to help this team assess the cost, time, and potential value of BIM; examine where the market is going; and create a roadmap for the company to get where it needed to be.  The result, a complete BIM solution was implemented including services, training, and software.  The company is now able to bid on new projects that had BIM in the requirements, already winning two of these.
Have questions about how an assessment could help you become more efficient?  Contact us or ask an expert.