October 31, 2014

PLM 360 has quickly become a tool that our customers are finding customizable, scalable, and valuable for many applications to design and business processes. From tracking Bill of Materials to collaborating with teams across the globe, PLM 360 completes the product lifecycle allowing you to increase your innovation while reducing email, errors, and delays in product development.

What can PLM do?

What can’t it do may be a better question. Here are some of the PLM 360 Apps currently available:process plm
For an example, let’s look at Zep Solar.  They wanted a tool to better manage BOM and Change Management, and found that PLM 360 offered more to other business processes as well:

“We found that PLM 360 really provided so much more than we were getting from our previous PLM system. It provided not only BOM and Change Management, but was so much more expandable and could be used to capture other business processes”

Ty Hudson
Vice President of Product Development

plm blockWant to learn more or see how you can apply it to your business process?  Join Synergis and Autodesk on November 20 and see how Autodesk PLM 360 connects the entire product development team and ensures the work keeps flowing.

The Synergis team, certified as an Autodesk PLM 360 Advisor, and Ron Locklin, Autodesk Director, PLM360, will share trends, the product roadmap and a demonstration of the solution during this in-person event.