October 14, 2014

In Navisworks 2015 you can create an efficient 3-D takeoff using Navisworks 3-D Quantification Tools. With efficient 3-D takeoff you can make material costing faster, easier, and more accurate by using the BIM model to create your takeoff.
See how Cadnetics, a full CAD/BIM Services firm, is using Navisworks in the Building Design Suite to accurately predict and plan budgets and construction schedules. Here’s James Mauler, President of Cadnetics, discussing the benefits of the Autodesk tools in the Building Design Suite including Navisworks Manage.

Here are some tips:

  • Select a category by name from the selection tree, right-click, select quantification and takeoff the selection.
  • See each individual object in the quantification notebook with its Item Calculations and any Maps Rules.
  • Drag and drop a parent group or an entire Selection Tree onto an Item in the workbook for an instant takeoff.
  • Add comments to annotate your objects.
  • Create an efficient 3-D takeoff quicker.

To see more, here’s a quick video to show you how to quickly quantify takeoff:

Have questions on how Navisworks can help you keep costs down and effectively predict costs?  Contact us or ask an expert.