October 9, 2014

Posted on October 9, 2014 by Darin Green, Synergis Product Support Specialist: With the release of the 2015 versions of Autodesk Design Academy (ADA) and Education Master Suite (EMS), there was two issues that we have found. 1. The content libraries are not automatically installed with Revit. 2. The Revit.ini file does not have the directories populated by default.

Issue 1:

During the installation process, when Revit 2015 is expanded to access its features, you should immediately see an option for configuring the Revit Content Libraries. ada1 However, by default this option is not available with the ADA 2015.

Resolution for Issue 1:

For Autodesk Design Academy:

  1. Navigate to the installation files and open the setup.exe file with Notepad.ada2
  2. Below the “Install Execute and UI Sequence” section, there are 3 areas which need changing (EXE_SEQUENCE, INSTALL_SEQUENCE, and UI_SEQUENCE)ada3
  3. Add “RCL2015” directly following RVT2015; on each sequence note above.
  4. Once completed, save the file and start the installation or deployment process.

Issue 2:

The Revit.ini file is another issue that exists with ADA 2015 and EMS 2015. The file is missing all of the directories to libraries, and template files. ada4

Resolving Issue 2:

During the Installation and\or Deployment process, expand Autodesk Revit 2015 to edit the settings. Below the content area (addressed above) there a section called “Customize Application Settings”. ada5

  1. Download the Revit.ini file using the link below and store it on the server where everyone can access it. If creating a deployment, save the Revit.ini file to the deployment location.
    1. <<link to Revit.ini>>
  2. From the configuration page, select the radio button “Custom Revit.ini”, then click the Browse button and navigate to the downloaded Revit.ini file from step 1.

Now, the Revit.ini file will be included with installation of ADA 2015 and EMS 2015. Have questions about this fix?  Contact us or ask an expert.