October 7, 2014

Our helpdesk receives questions about the functionality of Autodesk products every day.  Most of the time, we work to assist the design process and workflow with the tools available.  There are times that our customers think of features or updates that would work better for them in a product.  We do pass this information on to Autodesk, but did you know that you can do this directly?
If you go to the Products Contact us page on the Autodesk site, you can make any requests or suggestions on any of their solutions.  These comments go directly to the Product Managers and the Developers of the appropriate products.
Have suggestions or comments for Autodesk?
Click here to tell them all about it.
Are you wondering if there is a better way and maybe you just don’t know it?  Contact us or ask an expert to find out if we know a better way.  We aim to keep you moving forward to help you stay ahead.