September 23, 2014

Posted on September 23, 2014 by Dave Breiner, Synergis Solutions Engineer:
Don’t let the name scare you, this method of copying a model is not dependent on iLogic. In fact, the files to be copied do not have to have a single iLogic rule in them. A benefit of the iLogic Design Copy option over other options is that it takes into account any rules that exist in the models that are being copied and enables you to determine whether those rules are copied or not. This is also a great way to create a fully configured version of a design where all rules are removed. If no rule exists, the models are simply copied.

  • You can use iLogic Design Copy to copy an existing design to create a completely new design.
  • You can copy a design and include or exclude any existing rules.

To use the iLogic Design Copy option, all files, including the models being copied, must be closed.
From the Start screen go to the Tools tab and on the iLogic panel select the iLogic Design Copy.
Once executed, you select a project file to reference and select Assemblies, Parts, Drawings, and Non-Inventor Files in the project to be copied. In the Files to Copy area, select all files to be copied. If a parent file is selected, such as a drawing or assembly, any referenced child file is automatically selected.
When file selection is complete, select Next.
On this screen you can select the destination folder for the models, create a new or use the existing project file, and apply a prefix or suffix to rename the files. The entire set of copied files can be duplicated in a new folder without any references to the source files.
Click Start and the Design Copy Progress dialog box opens and provides details of the operation.
Click Close to close the Design Copy Progress dialog box.
Go to the new folder and review the newly created copy of your design.
It’s Fast! It’s Easy!
dave_breiner_MG_0352Dave Breiner joined Synergis in 2013 as a Solutions Engineer on our Manufacturing team with an amazing amount of experience. Coming directly from being a CAD Manager with SPX/Ecolaire, Dave is well versed in implementing and using Autodesk software having transitioned the department from 2D to 3D modeling by developing a 3D modeling program, implementing modeling standards, and creating automated models using iLogic programming. Dave began his career with SPX as a preliminary designer of steam condensers before being promoted to Manager of Drafting. Prior to this, Dave was with Bethlehem Steel for over 20 years, performing many tasks including millwright, rigger and fitter. During this time he also completed his degree in Engineering Design.
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