September 12, 2014

For a little Friday fun, I thought I would share with you some of the ways Synergis gives back (one of the 13 Synergis Family Values).  If you follow our blog, you already know that one of Synergis’ values is ‘Give Back’.  In fact, every month of the year, we are raising money for different causes including:

However, with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, things got way more interesting than handing over cash and donations.  We were able to see our leadership living the Synergis value #13, so of course we had to share with you.
It starts from the top with the fearless leader:

David Sharp – President of Synergis Technologies, LLC

He then marks Kristen Tomasic and John McCarten from Synergis Engineering Design Solutions.

John McCarten – Public Sector Account Manager


Kristen Tomasic – Vice President, Synergis Engineering Design Solutions

Kristen Tomasic then nominated Mark Mahovich and John Daukshus.

John Daukshus – Business Development Manager for AEC Solutions

Mark Mahovich chose not to do the ice bucket challenge, but did donate to the cause.
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