September 8, 2014

We get a lot of questions about security of using Autodesk cloud applications.  Some of the questions include:

  • Can anyone else access my designs?
  • How do I know the designs are safe?
  • What are the benefits of rendering in the cloud?

Simulation is one of the most popular cloud tools because it takes the heavy processing off your machine and simulates it in the cloud to allow you to continue working on other projects or without purchasing additional software.  Businesses that rely heavily on simulation can use Autodesk Simulation 360 to create more simulations while slowing investments in hardware. Companies that currently outsource simulation can benefit just as much by bringing simulation in-house and more affordably exploring multiple scenarios.
Nothing is more important than protecting the intellectual property that product data represents. It’s why Autodesk Simulation 360 is built on a reliable, protected, and continuously tested and monitored technology infrastructure.

Security Comes First

Autodesk Simulation 360 protects your intellectual property in part because Autodesk Simulation 360 helps ensure your files are never sent unencrypted over a network connection. Autodesk leverages industry?standard security procedures and the skills of highly trained professionals to help secure access to the cloud as well as the data that resides in it.

Autodesk Simulation 360 employs leading security practices to protect your data including:

  • Secure facilities: World-class data center facilities house the Autodesk Simulation 360 infrastructure.
  • Security professionals: The Autodesk team of trained security professionals works closely with operational staff to develop, enforce, and monitor the security of Autodesk 360 systems and services.
  • System and operational security: Perimeter and host-based firewalls protect data at the network layer. Each host computer is purpose-built, validated, and installed with only the resources necessary to run Autodesk 360 services.
  • File and data protection: Any time data is sent from or received by an Autodesk 360 server, the data Sim 360 Security link picstream is encrypted with strong industry-standard SSL encryption technologies and protocols.
  • Secure user authentication: Autodesk Simulation 360 is accessed using an Internet connection. Industry-standard authentication—including tokens, login name, and password—verifies access.

Autodesk Simulation 360 cloud services provide you with sophisticated simulation capabilities and the nearly infinite computational power of the cloud. Built on secure, reliable hardware and hosted in world-class data centers, Autodesk Simulation 360 offers peace of mind when using the cloud for simulation.

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