September 3, 2014

Synergis recently earned recognition as an Autodesk PLM 360 Advisor by demonstrating proven expertise and customer success in implementing, training, and supporting the Autodesk PLM 360 software platform.  With dedicated PLM 360 resources and specific knowledge of Product Lifecycle Management, Synergis is one of only a few resellers able to offer this service and support.
Synergis achieved the Autodesk PLM 360 Specialization in 2012 as a result of expertise in delivering PLM services, strong customer service and support in sales, and as a trusted advisor to Autodesk customers. Our continued focus on the Autodesk solutions has enabled Synergis to achieve this recently introduced Autodesk PLM 360 Advisor status. Synergis is currently working with customers around the country to help them customize and optimize current workflows or processes.  The results: more efficient product development processes, products get to market earlier, and every department is empowered to make the entire business run faster.
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