August 25, 2014

Building Information Modeling (BIM) isn’t just for building anymore.  Check out this video about Mortenson Construction who speak to the benefits they found by using BIM in their infrastructure projects:

  • High-value add to the customer
  • Create coordination and communication on all teams
  • Everyone sees the project as a whole, not just their piece
  • Everyone is looking at the same model so they can build as a team
  • Simulation helps people see the project as though it’s built and think about long-term decisions
  • Automation makes processes more like manufacturing processes with more efficiencies

“Taking lessons learned from the vertical projects and applying it to infrastructure will only lead to further innovation.”

-Ricardo Khan, Director of Integrated Construction, Mortenson Construction


CHUG block

If you are in central Pennsylvania, please join us for our Civil Harrisburg User Group on October 8, 2014 to talk about BIM in Infrastructure and focus in on Autodesk Vehicle Tracking software.