August 19, 2014

revisionslideEarlier this year at Synergis University, we had Re:Vision Architecture present on Building the New Synergis Home: BIM, Adaptive Reuse, and Collaboration.  Drew Lavine, RA, LEED AP, Re:Vision Architecture, presented the process of transforming an old hosiery factory to open, bright technology offices that will soon hold all of our local employees.  You can see the slidedeck of his presentation here.

In addition, Synergis was key in implementing their BIM process and continues to support Re:Vision Architecture and its employees with quick, expert knowledge.  Here’s more about their challenges and solutions:

Company Backgroundrevision

Re:Vision is an award-winning, mission-driven Professional Corporation with offices in Philadelphia, PA and Berkeley, CA that serve a national clientele and share emerging best practices from both coasts. The Re:Vision practice features both architects and sustainable design consultants, committed to helping their clients achieve and develop innovative, efficient and sustainable building designs and operations.

The Challenge

In 2011, Re:Vision began a significant, organization-wide migration to Revit, Autodesk’s Premier Building Information Modeling software, and worked with the team at Synergis Engineering Design Solutions to help them implement the software and convert the entire staff to this application. According to Drew Lavine, RA, LEED AP with Re:Vision, the Synergis technical support team, led by Darin Green, Lead Product Support Specialist, went “above and beyond” as they helped Re:Vision navigate the many ins and outs of their migration to Revit.

The Solution

Re:Vision and Synergis had worked so well together on the implementation of Revit, that collaborating again on how to best utilize the tool to get a consensus on design seemed like a natural evolution of the partnership, and it was.

Bill Knittle, Building Solutions Engineer with Synergis, worked closely with Re:Vision to help them identify and utilize the tools within Revit, like the Energy Analysis Tool and Design Visualization, that would help them quickly make changes— saving time, money and resources.

“Even though we had already been using Revit, Bill Knittle was able to help us dive even deeper and to identify conceptual tools that made a measurable impact on this project,” said Lavine. “Leveraging the expertise of the Synergis Professional Services team is extremely important to us, and we’ll continue to call on them long after this project is complete.”

-Drew Lavine

The Result

Re:Vision used Revit’s 3D Visualization as a part of team design meetings to present the schematic designs to all interested parties that would be part of the decision-making process. When presenting 3D models of the design, Re:Vision could make real-time modifications to the design to explore ideas and steer the group towards consensus.

By eliminating the back and forth between iterations, Re:Vision could confidently provide Gorski Engineering with a design that met everyone’s expectations without missing their deadline.

“We’re not a huge firm with a deep software budget, Synergis EDS has truly been a partner for us, from the initial sale and management of our stand-alone and network licenses, through the install, and ongoing support, showing us how to maximize our investment in Revit.”

-Drew Lavine

As Building Information Modeling (BIM)/Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) become more ubiquitous across the building and construction industry, designers, contractors, and owners can communicate and collaborate at a much higher level than ever before. Forward-thinking companies, like Re:Vision, have proven the effectiveness of using this approach and will continue to drive the use of this innovative technology in the industry.

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