July 21, 2014

Earlier this year, Autodesk announced that they would be entering the hardware market with a 3D printer.  Why would Autodesk choose to move from software to hardware?  Does it make sense for businesses to consider the hardware as they look forward to 3d printing solutions?
Carl Bass, Autodesk CEO, explains why the move to hardware makes the most sense for Autodesk in Bloomberg video

“Well there are a lot of hurdles like early day of printers from getting the model from here to there was hard.  The prints weren’t reliable and there were a lot of steps involved so it needed to be simpler.  And we thought there should be more innovation, and with more competition comes better innovation”

-Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk

Check out Carl Bass speaking on “The Future of How Things are Made” from the Solid 2014 Conference in May to find out more on how Autodesk is assisting the future of design and the scalability, speed and reliability of software and hardware:

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