July 15, 2014

This year at Synergis University, Robert Green (everyone’s favorite CAD Manager) presented on Customizing AutoCAD Crash Course.  The session provided a lot of hands-on tips that attendees said they could plug in right away.  With so much value in one session, we wanted to post it to share these tips with everyone.
Here’s the video:
Would you like to see the slides?  Check out Robert’s presentation on our Slideshare channel here, or see all the presentations available from Synergis Universty listed on our channel here.
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More about Robert:
Robert Green has provided CAD management consulting, robertgreen_MG_0553croppedprogramming, training and technical writing services for clients throughout the United States, Canada and Europe since 1991.  A mechanical engineer by training, Robert has used AutoCAD, MicroStation, SDRC, Calma and Inventor software systems in a variety of engineering environments since 1985. Robert’s expertise in CAD management has been acquired via real world experience as the “alpha CAD user” everywhere he’s worked.  Over time he came to enjoy the technological and training challenges associated with CAD management and now trains CAD managers via public speaking.  Robert is well known for his insightful articles in Cadalyst magazine and his book Expert CAD Management: The Complete Guide (published by Sybex).  When not writing Robert heads his own consulting practice, The Robert Green Consulting Group, based in Atlanta.