July 14, 2014

Posted on July 15, 2014 by Jesse Evans, Synergis Solutions Engineer:
In this short video I review the process of creating GIS (Mapping) data, attaching it to AutoCAD objects, and bringing that data into Civil 3D as a “BIM” or 3D Model. In the real world, your company will most likely download the GIS information from an online source, but understanding how and what is needed to get this to function correctly is all provided here. So sit back relax, and enjoy the show.

Hope this helps!


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Jesse specializes in Infrastructure (Civil/GIS) as a Synergis Solutions Engineer, and brings a spectrum of industry experience with him to Synergis. He has his associate’s degree in Architectural Design, a certification in AutoCAD Release 14 (R14), and is also a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). First introduced to Autodesk products in 1997, he became State certified and began using R14 in the manufacturing industry to design parts for Boeing airplanes.  After returning to school and obtaining his Associates Degree in Architectural Design, Jesse was employed by a consulting engineering firm as a Technical Civil Engineering Designer. As a Civil Designer, he developed skills in Civil 3D, Land Desktop Development (LDT), Map 3D, Raster Design, and Survey. He has worked on many different levels of land development and survey projects, from hospitals to highways, rivers to residential, schools to subdivisions. With over 10 years of experience using Autodesk Products, Jesse considers learning the best way to build confidence and a brighter future. He firmly believes that understanding the Autodesk solutions can help anybody produce faster, have greater precision, and be more valuable on the market.
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