June 30, 2014

Whatever you do, the cloud can help you do it with fewer limitations. You just have to get there—and take your team, partners, and customers with you. That might not be as easy (or as difficult) as you think. The guide below can help.
Inside you’ll find descriptions of some of the challenges you may encounter with the change in how you do business—such as shifts in where you do your work, store your data, and more—as you move to the cloud. And you can explore approaches that can help you steer your business to the cloud successfully.
Find answers to these questions:

  • Why move to the cloud?
  • How secure is the cloud?
  • How can it improve my communication with my teams?
  • What is change management strategy?
  • How do I connect the whole team?
  • How do I manage my workflow as I move to the cloud?

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