June 16, 2014

To help you stay ahead of your competition and reduce your time installing software, Synergis has created the Synergis Virtual Install Protocol. Synergis VIP is a virtual install option offered to customers who purchase product support through Synergis Engineering Design Solutions. Our dedicated support team will be responsible for building a single deployment package to be installed on client machines where needed.
Our staff has supported over 2K customers worldwide with installs and deployment configurations. We are dedicated to making this process more efficient and productive as possible by freeing up your IT and CAD resources for other important matters.

What we do:

  • Build a single deployment package that can be deployed on your machines
  • Create a clean/ready to go deployment
  • Test deployment stability by deploying to up to 2 workstations
  • Answer questions about the installation

What’s required from you:

Prior to the installation date, we ask that you have the following information readily available:

  • Allow GoToAssist connections into your network firewall.
  • Local admin or domain admin rights are required for installation.
  • Computer specs must meet Autodesk installation requirements. Click Here
  • Access to Server (Deployment location), and two clients (CAD workstations) via GoToAssist
  • Serial Numbers and Product Keys
  • If a network license is needed, we’ll also need the MAC Address and PC name prior to installation date to obtain a network license from Autodesk.

If the technical representative is unable to install the necessary product(s) due to a faulty machine, you will be asked to troubleshoot and resolve the issue in-house and the representative will install onto a different machine.

Not included:

Products that includes advanced configuration to that incorporate workflows such as Autodesk Vault Server. Other items that are not included for installation and configuration are as follows:

  • Autodesk Vault Server
  • Active Directory components, including Group Policies
  • SCCM Distribution
  • Data Migration

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