May 1, 2014

susignToday’s tools are changing the way that CAD and BIM Managers coordinate, collaborate, and maintain designs.  Robert Green is an industry name in CAD Management because he works hands-on with managers daily.  He knows that challenges and the best practices to handle those challenges. We are happy to announce that he will be returning for Synergis University this year.  Read more about his sessions below:

CAD/BIM Manager Tips & Tricks

A CAD/BIM manager needs a wide variety of skills and tools to be successful. In this class we’ll examine a variety of approaches you can use to struggle less and be more productive as you tackle the challenges in your day to day CAD management task load. The topics covered will include task identification, prioritization, software implementation, training, communication, budgeting, customization, utilities, candidate screening and career advancement. All topics will be covered in a fast paced “tips and tricks” format gleaned from 16 years of Robert’s CAD management articles and book. This class is designed for CAD/BIM managers of all disciplines and experience levels so no matter what software you manage you’ll take away some great ideas.
This selection is being offered in Session Three (11:15 am to 12:15 pm).

The Peer to Peer CAD/BIM Manager

This course starts with the assumption that many CAD/BIM managers have little to no direct managerial authority over the staffers they support yet are still expected to get results. To make things worse, many times these managers are also engineers, architects or designers working under severe time constraints while expected to remain billable. This course will present strategies for peer to peer interaction with users and project managers that can help you persuade people to comply with key CAD/BIM management directives like standards, file storage, training and inter departmental coordination. If you fit the peer to peer CAD/BIM manager profile you’re sure to pick up some solid ideas you can use immediately. And even if you do have full managerial authority you can still benefit from using some of these collaborative and persuasive strategies. This class is designed for managers of all disciplines.
This selection is offered during session 4 (1:45 pm to 2:45 pm).

Customizing AutoCAD Crash Course

To make AutoCAD based products work their best, a working knowledge of customization methods is required. This course exposes you to basic customized user interface (CUI) functions, tool palettes, templates, AutoLISP and configuration tools that allow you to set AutoCAD up the way you want it. We’ll look at contextual tip/trick examples and move briskly through example code segments to give you an idea of what you can do. To wrap things up, you’ll be given links to a variety of resources to study independently so you can take your new found skills further if you wish. If you’re a power user or CAD manager who wants to squeeze extra productivity from your AutoCAD based tools this fast paced course is for you. Note: This course assumes a working knowledge of AutoCAD and operating systems concepts.
This selection is offered during session 1 (8:45 am to 9:45 am).
Read more about Robert’s background in his bio.
Learn more about Synergis University 2014 on the event site.
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