April 22, 2014

The tools you use to design today have been in development for as long as people have been sketching out ideas on scraps of paper to share with others.  As technology has evolved, design tools have kept pace to give more relevant data to the manufacturers on the shop floor or to the builders in the field to create less error and material waste.  Autodesk solutions not only help you design, but they can predict performance of your designs with simulation tools, and also help you to create photo-realistic visual representations that you can take mobile – just like those portable scraps of paper.
Today’s technology provides global connectivity with detailed data behind the design enabling production from anywhere.  We collaborate on bigger, cross-discipline teams, coordinating data and design among all project firms involved.  Autodesk offers solutions to address these needs with the 2015 Autodesk portfolio.

Synergis University Keynote Announcement

Amy Bunszel, Vice-President of the AutoCAD Product Line Group, will open Synergis University on June 4, speaking about the history of design. She will also talk about how Autodesk is allowing people to create and edit any designs from wherever you are and collaborate with others wherever they are.  Learn how to amplify your abilities with the solutions you own and how they are preparing you for the future of design.
Join us to hear more at Synergis University!  Register today or visit the SU event site.
More about Amy:
Bunszel head shotAs Vice President of the AutoCAD Product Line Group, Amy Bunszel leads the product team responsible for producing a wide variety of AutoCAD products running on desktop, web and mobile platforms. Most recently, Amy has been driving a transformation of the AutoCAD product line – modernizing the 30 year old desktop product and introducing new cloud, social, mobile experiences to the over 10 million AutoCAD users worldwide. Amy’s roots are in Software Applications Engineering and Product Management and she enjoys spending time with customers and driving a customer centered decision making culture on the AutoCAD team.
In 2003, Amy joined Autodesk through the acquisition of Linius Technologies, a Massachusetts’s based CAD software startup she co-founded. Three years ago, after an 8 year stint in Oregon, Amy and her family (husband Chris and children Renee and Nolan) relocated to the Bay Area.
Amy holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
Keynote:  Design Anything, Anytime, Anywhere with the Autodesk 2015 Portfolio
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