April 21, 2014

Guest post by Steward Hudson on April 21, 2014:
With each version of AutoCAD, users see improved and new features. The new version allows a more stringent cloud integration which enables customers to accomplish a lot more with one click than they previously could. Other than new features such as easier and flexible ways to access tools within the suite, the AutoCAD suite has a stronger cloud integration that has to offer the following:

1.  One-Click Access to BIM 360

The new version of AutoCAD allows engineers, architects and those in the construction industry to increase productivity through one click access to the BIM 360 software that has been increasingly used for construction and other projects like electrical power distribution design. The massive power in the cloud enables engineers to achieve full integration of cloud services for their benefit. This increases productivity as it allows infrastructure changes throughout the way with the help of an easy user interface. In addition, it is extremely cost effective as you only pay according to the usage.

2.  Better Point Cloud Support

Engineers and other users can optimize productivity and efficiency with the help of cloud integration by hiring a third party access point. Using a third party access point instead of the cloud premises can mitigate the burden and consequently decrease the burden of maintenance and save costs.

3.  Updated User Interface

The updated user interface of the software allows users to access tools more easily and with more flexible options. This enables users to streamline their workflow, improve efficiency and give faster results. The fresh user interface also allows users to experience the software from a different and new perspective. It provides easier ways to access and use maps and other online information.

4.  Autodesk Subscription – access simplified

With a single sign on, the auto deck subscription allows users access to different suites that fit their project and business needs. The new update has improved and easier ways for users and businesses to avail the subscription offers at affordable rates so they can grow their business using the right tools. Customers can opt from various payment methods that best fit their budget and needs.

5. Gain Access to the Latest Autodesk Software Releases

The new releases are done using cloud services, so users will receive automated updates through cloud integration that will streamline workflow. The Autodesk subscription allows easy access to software updates and provides the best for customers. The subscription also provides customers access to unlimited cloud space that they can use to save data. This consequently allows them to free space on their computer systems for optimal computer system performance.

The new update of AutoCAD is impressive and important for businesses to help them improve performance, increase efficiency and optimize profits.
Steward Hudson is a researcher/blogger with experience writing for multiple industries including health, energy, finance, and more. His writing pertaining energy usually covers electrical power distribution, electrical cost estimating, and power analysis. Steward was also published on one of the leading energy blogs such as He currently writes for “Current Solutions PC”.
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