April 3, 2014

Autodesk® Mockup 360™ cloud-based solution is a new online collaboration tool that enables suppliers, OEMs, and their end customers to collaborate on a single 3D mockup in the cloud. Users can aggregate their CAD data from virtually any source to build large-scale mockups and then easily share these across their entire supply chain. Collaboration tools enable users to leave notes, share views, and see model changes in real time as the model is updated.
Check out this overview video for a better idea of how Mockup 360 can smooth out your design process:

And for a short time, you can try Autodesk Mockup 360 Pro for free.

  • Open collaboration for manufacturing workflows
  • Large-scale 3D aggregation
  • Powerful clash analysis and fast setup
  • Full use of Mockup 360 for 90 days

Follow this link for free access today.
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