March 24, 2014

Last month, we announced on the wire that Synergis Engineering Design Solutions would again support the F1 in Schools Challenge in Pennsylvania.  This year, we offered $750 sponsorship to each the high school and middle school winning teams to help support their trip to the National Challenge in Michigan in May.

“We are excited to support this hands-on, skill-building competition,” said Kristen Tomasic, vice president of Synergis Engineering Design Solutions. “The shortage of skilled mechanical engineers in industry makes the F1 Competition, and ones like it, essential to attracting young students to careers in engineering and design.  Above designing and manufacturing the car for the competition, these teams learn to market themselves, find sponsors, and budget both time and resources, which is an effective way to teach kids the important business aspects of manufacturing.”

On March 15, 2014, dozens of students gathered in Robert Morris University to present and race the cars they have designed for competition.

And the winners are:

Rush International, Wilson West Middle School

Teacher: Rick Lapi
Students: Sanam Amin, Jasper den Otter, Sarah Woronko, and Paige Cincinnati (Missing from photo: Abbie Durning)
F1 - middle school winner - Rush International
These energetic students won last year in their first competing season.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and their work is inspiring.

Polaris Racing: Brentwood High School

Teacher: Beau Sedlar
Students: Luke O’Shea, Andrew Gross, Greg Casey, and Luke Benedik
F1 - high school winner - Polaris Racing
Brentwood scored multiple trophies for their work this year at the challenge in Pennsylvania.  We look forward to seeing how many they earn in Michigan.
The F1 competition is a global nonprofit company dedicated to making Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fun and hands on to encourage engineering careers. To learn more about the F1 competition on their website.
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