March 12, 2014

daringreenheaderLooking for advanced, online training? Check out the Virtual Advanced Training ACADemy classes on our training schedule. These classes provide robust online learning opportunities to users of more advanced and specialized Autodesk design and simulation tools.
We’ve partnered with D3 Technologies, Ketiv, and MasterGraphics to provide these classes and better serve all our customers.  By joining together with these other top Autodesk resellers, we are able to offer a more extensive list of specialized training that our customers are interested in.

“As more and more customers turn to alternate media for learning—such as on-demand training, DVDs, e-Books, etc.—we’ve determined that we could best meet the needs of our valued customers by combining the expertise, experience, and knowledge from our four companies. Each of us specializes in different Autodesk solutions, and we have a long history of partnership among our companies, making this both time and cost
effective for our organizations and customers across the markets we serve.”

-Kristen Tomasic, Synergis Engineering Design Solutions Divisional Vice-President

The sessions offered will be more specialized training including Factory Design, Plant 3D, iLogic, and more specialized Inventor topics.   Instructors will use the latest classroom technology and a small class size to be able to work one-on-one with students when appropriate.  By using Adobe Connect, the students are able to share screens, download files or even go into a private room with the instructor for additional assistance.  The sessions were created to be interactive and hands-on.  See the current schedule.
If you have questions or need more information, click for more information or contact us with questions.