February 24, 2014

sim360We are seeing more and more success with both small and large companies who are adopting simulation tools for many reasons.  Many Autodesk manufacturing companies estimate savings in the thousands of dollars because they can now visualize, with true data and materials, how their products will behave once they are built.  It’s important for quality of products, and it’s also about the bottom line.  How do simulation tools increase your profits?

1. Reduction of physical prototypes.

  • How much do physical prototypes cost to build?
  • How much does it cost in time to market while waiting for the build, test and results?
  • If you created a fraction of the physical prototypes compared to today, would you see better profit or have more time to add innovative features to improve market share?

These are the questions the top manufacturers ask themselves when looking at the big picture, and the reason they are leading competition.  They are able to make large design changes and include more data early in the decision-making process so that they can ensure they are manufacturing the most cost-efficient, reliable, and attractive products possible.

2. Autodesk offers tools accessible to every budget.

In the past, it was difficult for small or medium companies to justify the cost or even find the budget to cover the cost of simulation tools.  Today, Autodesk is supporting these manufacturers by offering Autodesk SIM 360.  SIM 360 is an online cloud solution that allows you to simulate in the cloud.  No need to invest in expensive hardware or run those simulations overnight and you don’t lose your desktop to simulation computation.  You can just upload to the cloud and use the software from there and keep working.
Check out this video explaining the simulation tools on SIM 360 and how quickly you can get started:
Link to the Free Trial.

3. You don’t need a to hire a simulation specialist or have previous, extensive skills to simulate designs.

The tools on SIM 360 are designed with designers in mind.  You can be up and running within a week with all the learning you would need to start testing your current projects.  If you are already using a 3D tool, you only need to learn some additional steps to prepare and simulate.

4. Finding design errors early in the design phase creates innovation and reduces liability.

Simulation allows designers to accurately communicate the design intent in the context of who they are speaking with.  From visual communication for your stakeholders to the data and detail needed for manufacturing, the Autodesk simulation tools allow the designer to collaborate early in the design process so make changes seamlessly.

5. Create the highest quality products.

You may create great products already.  However, do you think Apple or Google employees are resting on ‘great’?  Of course not.  They know that the only way to stay at the top is by challenging themselves to always do better.  That means improving quality, innovation, features, and safety, while reducing material failures, product recalls, waste, and time to market.
It’s a competitive world out there, we know how to help you stay ahead.  Contact us.  Synergis is an Autodesk Digital Prototyping Specialized Platinum Partner.  That means we have the knowledge and the experience in helping companies adopt and succeed with simulation tools.