January 31, 2014

The Future of the Building Industry is a series of web videos created by HOK, a world-class design, architecture, engineering, and planning firm that covers current building trends.  These are a great overview of the traditional organization and the gaps that leave you and your firm open to costly risks.  By incorporating BIM, the processes of the design and construction are woven together to create a tighter line of coordination among all stakeholders, contractors, and teams on a project to reduce errors, rework, and material waste.
HOK is leading the industry and the CEO explains how in this series of videos.  A few of the videos in this 5 part series are below, but check out the links to the other videos in this series as well.  These videos are only a few minutes each, so watch the series and let us know what you think.

A Tale of Three Domes: Part 1 of 5

Team Organization: Part 2 of 5


The Effort Curve: Part 3 of 5

Buildings Are Assembled, Not Built: Part 4 of 5

BIM, BAM, BOOM! Part 5 of 5

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