January 17, 2014

Posted on January 17, 2014 by Mark Lancaster, Product Support Specialist:

Emailing an Inventor part file can sometimes be a challenge due to the file size restrictions that may be in place for a given email system.  Other viable solutions for sharing your design could be the use of the Autodesk 360® Services, a FTP site, or maybe an on-line collaboration interface like Autodesk Buzzsaw®.

But what happens when your only choice is to email the file to your client and it’s still too large to send?

The use of a file compression utility may reduce the file size enough for you to send the file.  However, did you know by moving the “end of part” marker in the Inventor browser window you can also reduce the overall file size.

For example, I have a part that represents the base of a bench vise and its file size is 485 kb or .47 mb.

If I just used a compression utility and email it, I would only reduce the overall file size of this part by 10%.  But If I move the “end of part” marker and resave the file, I can reduce it approximately 50%!

Along with moving the end of part marker and the use of a file compression utility, I could achieve around a 60% reduction in file size making it easier for me to email this file to almost anyone.
Note: The file size reduction I achieved in my test may or may not be the same results you see in your Inventor part file.
I hope that helps you stay ahead.
Mark Lancaster is the newest member to our Synergis technical team, having just joined us back in August.  His most previous experience is as the CAD Design Manager of Pall Corporation, one of our long time customers.  In that position, he was responsible for workstation optimization and design management, established uniform standards for the local and global offices, and developed global systems to control and manage their design data.
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