January 14, 2014

smartmarketAn inspiring, new report from McGraw Hill Construction offers new insight to the industry in regards to BIM.  On January 8, McGraw Hill announced, “Three-quarters of contractors using BIM globally report positive ROI on their BIM investments.”  As quoted from the press release:

“The markets that are just beginning to adopt BIM have really benefitted from the experience of other regions,” says Steve Jones, senior director at McGraw Hill Construction. “These results are exciting because they demonstrate that these newer-to-adopt markets are already outperforming the more established regions in several key areas, including ROI, offering innovative new services and using BIM in the non-building sector. It suggests that BIM is set to transform the approach to construction globally.”

This is good news for companies who have are just starting to incorporate BIM standards.  The ROI is now being realized more quickly with a bigger impact on the bottom-line.  Three major benefits to BIM include:

  • Positive return on investments
  • Reduced errors and omissions
  • Enhancing collaboration

The report also covers how contractors see BIM growing in the next few years.  According to the report, contractors expect to be making significant investments in their BIM programs.  A majority of those with a high BIM engagement level are investing in mobile and cloud technologies.
Read the whole report.
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