November 20, 2013

How can my business be more competitive and innovate faster?  How do we reduce costs and improve our design process to get to market faster?  These are questions we hear every day from our clients.  In this highly competitive market, it is difficult for manufacturers to get ahead doing the same old process they have for years.  Technology is driving better designs, quicker time to market, and the ability to test products to produce less material waste.
What tools are these leading manufacturers using? Well according to third-party reporting by Tech-Clarity, competitive manufacturers are using more advanced engineering approaches including modular design approaches, platform design techniques, and rules-based design approaches.  They use the following technology tools to focus on these key approaches:

  • Simulation tools
  • Product configurators or design automation
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Factory layout/simulation tools

Read the entire Tech-Clarity report “Tech-Clarity Perspective: Best Practices for Developing Industrial Equipment” to find out how businesses like yours are relying on new technology to improve design flow while using less resources and time.  Visit the Tech-Clarity site for more interesting reports and perspectives on manufacturing.
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