November 13, 2013

PLM is becoming a popular term with manufacturers now and with several solutions just popping up now, we are getting a lot of questions about Autodesk PLM 360.  PLM 360 is a cloud based technology that will help you track your product or projects over their lifetime, lending valuable data and new coordination among teams.  How does the Autodesk solution for PLM win over other offerings?  We know that every manufacturer is different, but for an example, let’s take a look at the Beaver Group.
The Beaver Group is a unique company that has seen sudden success.  To keep up with that success, they know they need to stay relevant, coordinate their large teams and use solutions that are customizable.  They looked at many solutions, but in the end, they went with PLM 360.  Why?  Here are the reasons they name:

  • It is cloud-based, no downloads or installs.
  • Instant on – no waiting for software or licensing.
  • PLM 360 is able to expand with their business.
  • Configurable – features can all be tweaked to suit the needs of the business.

“Things move fast in our industry.  We have to react quickly to experience the success we have experienced, with PLM we are ready.”

-Peter Critchley, Managing Director, Beaver Group

“We are not an out of the box company, we couldn’t use a solution that was out of the box.”

-Robin Critchley, Projects Manager, Beaver Group

Watch the video:
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