October 30, 2013

As a Platinum Autodesk Partner and one of the leading implementation experts around Vault, it is our mission to keep you apprised of the latest functionality and releases.  Additionally, we feel that it is also best that we make sure we map out what “best practices” are around any Vault upgrade.   Our technical team has done testing and below is some very important information around the latest functionality:

“Autodesk has recently released a subscription pack for Vault 2014 (paid for versions only) that adds new functionality to the products.  Before installing the subscription pack be sure to have a full, tested backup of their vault.  I would treat this update the same as when we upgrade a vault from one version to the next.  We would also recommend that customers do a sandbox run of the 2014 vault with the subscription pack  before going live on a production server and thoroughly test any and all  workflows. “

– John Kavusak, Synergis Data Management Solutions Engineer

If you have any questions about this update, please feel free to contact our Helpdesk team and they can help field your questions.

Here is some additional information from Autodesk around the service pack:

Autodesk Vault Thin Client 2014:

  • The new Autodesk Vault Thin Client 2014 has been completely redesigned to provide a superior experience when accessing a Vault through a web browser. The redesign includes Enhanced user interfaces, Customizable view functionalities, New BOM interface, and Enhanced report printing. See Autodesk Vault Thin Client 2014 for more information.

“Edited Out of Turn” Workflow Improvement:

  • In previous releases, we received feedback regarding unmanageable situations where Inventor recomputable updates were involved in creating Edited out of Turn files. With this subscription release, we address the situation by having the vault add-in reflect the last downloaded state with modifier information, and allowing the user to continue with his/her workflows following a save operation, like the following operations:
  • Check In – The system shall not include the files that are not checked out to the user (as per the current behavior).
  • Check Out – The system shall only allow files that are of the latest Revision (or newer version on local disk) to be checked out (as per the current behavior).
  • Revert to Latest in Inventor – The user has to continue using the Revert to Latest command if he/she does not have the latest Revision on disk (regardless of local disk modification) to check out the files.

Revit Integration Enhancements

  • Revit Project Information Property support: Vault now supports the Project Information properties of Revit models, which can be mapped to Vault UDPs and automatically imported which can then be used for easy searching and property editing in Vault.
  • Import from Vault: The new Import from Vault feature lets you import RVT, DWG and DWF files stored in the Vault into the current Revit project.
  • Load Group: The Revit add-in now supports loading Model groups, Detail groups, and Attached Detail groups from the Vault into the current project. This allows Revit users to select or exclude specific groups within a file.
  • New Lifecycle, Revisions, and Categories support: The Revit add-in now supports change state, revise file, and change category workflows, making it easier for you to manage this information about your design right from inside Revit. Enhanced tooltips show you state information for your files in Vault.
  • Shared Parameters support: Revit users can now point to a shared parameters file stored in the Vault, making it easier to activate shared parameters.
  • Improved Load Family From Vault workflows: Revit users can now load all of the family types in a selected family in one click, making it faster to retrieve all of the family types needed for a project. Additionally, the Load Family from Vault dialog makes it easier for users to find the family types used most often by defaulting to the last folder location from which a family type was loaded.
  • New Mapping User Interface on the Vault Options dialog: The Mapping tab on the Vault Options dialog has been enhanced to streamline common workflows.
  • New Login Interface and Connection Status: The Log in and Log out buttons on the Revit Vault ribbon have been combined to create a single toggle button. Users can view their connection status by hovering their mouse over the button.
  • Link more file types: You can now link DGN, SAT, and SKP files from the Vault.

Learn more about this on the Autodesk page for Vault.
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