October 24, 2013

123D Catch

You may already heard of 123D Catch.  If you haven’t, the short story is that it is a really cool tool that allows a user to take pictures of an object and then turns it into a design that can be 3D printed.  The American Museum of Natural History is doing just that with dinosaur bones.  123D Catch is so easy to use, they even have students using it during 2 week programs.  If you can take a photo, you can use 123D Catch.  Check out the video below.
And now there’s more!  The 123D team at Autodesk is working hard and releasing more helpful tools all the time.  Here’s a couple of our favorites:

123D Circuits

This new tool delivered by Autodesk and gives you the largest open hardware community on the web.  Free collaboration circuit design tools and easy manufacturing are featured in this free community.
This tool features:

  • Breadboard Editor with Real-time Simulation
  • Fully-featured Schematic Editor
  • Easy to use PCB Editor
  • Edit circuits collaboratively in real-time

Check it out below in the video to see how easy it is to use.
You can check out all the cool 123D apps at Autodesk 123D.
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