October 23, 2013

When you think Building Information Modeling (BIM), do you imagine building designers, architects and engineers?  So what does BIM have to do with manufacturing?
If you manufacture any product that goes into a building design, then you need to know about BIM to better position your business and profitability.  BIM is a smart model of the design to better plan, coordinate and design buildings so that the costs, time frame and details can all be determined in the design process.  By doing this early in the design process, expensive errors are avoided in the field during the installation.  This is important to our building products manufacturers and fabricators because it means that they can get their products in the original plans early in the design process making them difficult to displace once designed.
Why learn more about BIM?  According to CIMdata, building product manufacturers and fabricators are now at the BIM intersection and finding that BIM is important for:

  • Better collaboration among all teams and firms involved during the design and build process.
  • Property managers and owners benefit by having ‘smart’ models of drawings that can tell them exactly what part needs to be replaced or what manufacturer to call for replacement.
  • Record-keeping.  Whether its type of material, quantity or cost, BIM allows designers to incorporate all the data in one model.
  • Better design communication means that you can manufacture more in the shop and less in the field minimizing safety risks and trips to the job site for measurement and placement information.

Read the full CIMdata paper here.
Or learn more about an Autodesk customer, The HillGroup, that uses Autodesk solutions to bring BIM into their manufacturing design.

“…it takes the human error out of recreating or retracing steps over and over.”

-Robert L. Krier, Preisdent, The Hillgroup

“As you remove parts and pieces or add parts and pieces to the model, you are also adding and removing the labor and material costs and other things involved in the final number…”

-Dave Pikey, BIM Integration Director, The Hillgroup

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