October 14, 2013

Do you manufacture building products?  If so, some of the following challenges may seem familiar to you:

  • Creating marketing materials from designs
  • Meeting customer demands and capturing your market share
  • Creating and getting content into the hands of the building designer in the beginning of the process
  • Leveraging your manufacturing data for building designers to access so your products can be ‘designed in’ the new structures

From Digital Prototyping to BIM

I know what you might be thinking – I am a manufacturer, what do I need to know about Building Information Modeling?  Well it just may be the key to getting your products placed in building, plant and factory designs so that your products will be used later down the line.  If you can get your products in the design process of a building in the early stages, it makes it easy for builders to use those exact parts, essentially ensuring your products will be purchased and installed.  All that with less room for error too.
Watts Water Technologies, a well-known designer and manufacturer of valve technology, uses Autodesk solutions to design products using digital prototyping and then offer their BIM-ready product designs to architects and engineers through Autodesk Seek.  Autodesk Seek is a web service that connects architects and manufacturers together so that building designers can use real parts that are available, providing confidence that the correct part will fit right the first time. This way they can best serve their customer because the customer can just choose the part offered on Autodesk Seek without having to design any of it.  Just place and go.  Even though Watts Water Technologies is already a leader in their field, they are committed to lead technology and through Autodesk Seek, they can offer an easy way to get their designs to customers.
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