October 9, 2013
  • Do you want to get your designs to market faster?
  • Do you want to use the least amount of materials while maintaining the highest quality?
  • Do you want to change your bottom line by producing less physical prototypes?
  • Do you want to offer high quality 3D visualizations to your marketing and sales teams?

Karcher North America achieved all these with the Autodesk Product Design Suite.  With Digital Prototyping, Karcher was able to ensure the quality of the industrial cleaning machines they manufacture by FEA testing the parts to find the best balance of type and thickness of materials. They are able to validate designs before they are built, getting products to market faster and reducing waste.
“Autodesk gives us the flexibility of creating the product on the screen and testing it, doing our analysis before we ever construct the first part.”

—Paul Linton, Senior Engineering Manager, Karcher North America

Watch the 3 minute video below to see how Karcher was able to cut to the head of the competition.


Imagine the savings in time and material cost by reducing your prototypes and catching manufacturing problems in the design phase.  What could you do with extra budget and man hours?  Want to learn more?  Our engineers are here to learn more about your business and make suggestions to help you get ahead.  Contact us by phone (800.836.5440) or email.

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