September 25, 2013

How would your business improve with 3D?  Dearborn Mid-West Company has earned advantages over their competitors with 3D design and installation layout.  Dearborn Mid-West Company manufactures large assembly machinery mostly for auto manufacturers, from first weld to finishing the details, Dearborn provides it all.  They recently implemented the Autodesk Factory Design Suite to take their designs to a whole new level and win more customers, which they did.  The benefits they found to name a few:

  • By laser scanning customer factories, Dearborn can show a customer exactly how the machinery will fit and flow in their factory.
  • Customers are more comfortable with larger investments because they can see the actual assembly line on their factory floor.
  • Interferences are much easier to find in the 3D design which saves money and time on change orders later in the installation process.
  • Safety – the most important issue to Dearborn – is easily addressed with the 3D designs and visualization.  It is easy to see where safety issues can occur and then design with maximum safety in mind.

Here’s an overview video of Dearborn Mid-West Company:
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