September 24, 2013

On Monday, September 16, 2013, Autodesk announced a new rental structure for Autodesk software.  Since then, we have received many questions from our customers as to what they should do.  What are the benefits of each and how do you know which option would be more suitable for your business?  Let’s talk about it.
Renting Autodesk software can be the right choice for you if:

  1. You need software on a project only basis.  For example, you have been thinking about investing in a Building Design Suite because many firms or government agencies are requiring BIM models.  If you are a small company, it may not make sense to purchase an entire license for one project if you don’t know if you will need it later.  In this case, a rental option may be a good bet.  You may also be able to bill the rental cost to the project since it was a direct cost, which may not be available if you own a license that you use on many projects.
  2. You have temporary staff or interns that need software.  What are you going to do with that license when their projects are done or the intern leaves?  If it is going to sit on a machine not being used, this may also be a good option for renting the software.
  3. You know you need a permanent software solution, however you are hesitant to invest a big chunk of capital into a permanent license until you are sure what solution is right for you and will solve your design workflow bottlenecks or challenges.

Check out the infographic below, contact us by phone (800.836.5440), or email so we can talk about your situation and offer the best solutions for your company’s needs.

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