September 19, 2013

Feige Filling is a manufacturer of worldwide industrial equipment systems for automatic filling plants.  They are at the top of their field delivering more than 3500 filling systems around the world in the 40 years they have been around.  Feige Filling is a proponent of new technology and grasped onto Digital Prototyping to make their complex systems work seamlessly while maximizing the production output. They have been a long time Inventor and AutoCAD house, and when they added Factory Design Suite to their toolbox, they raced to the top of the competition by allowing customers to visualize Feige’s machinery in their own factories, making Feige Filling a unique provider who can also plan entire factory floors for their customers.  It now positions them as an expert in their customers’ eyes.

“The Factory Design Suite also makes it possible to analyze digital factory models, so that clashes and space constraints can be identified before going into production.  As a result, additional costs that might have been incurred are completely avoided.”

-Jorg Duus, Head of Engineering Design, Feige Filling

Watch this video to learn more on how Feige Filling uses the Autodesk Factory Design Suite to outperform the competition.


Next week, we have the York User Group where we will be discussing the Factory Design Suite.

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