September 10, 2013

Simulation. By now you have heard this term. However, when we ask our customers “Do you simulate your designs?” we often hear “No” from smaller businesses. So we ask, “Why not?”
There are a variety of reasons, but most come down to

  1. Not enough human resources to learn new tools to simulate designs.
  2. The cost of hardware and technology needed.
  3. A lack of understanding how simulation would benefit the business goals.

These are valid points. What company today can afford downtime to learn a new process, let alone make a large investment in hardware to support the megadata involved in simulating a design? That was the case.  Autodesk is changing simulation so that everyone has access to the best tools:

  • No need to hire a simulation expert.
  • No need to purchase lots of hardware.
  • Realize the benefits of simulation almost immediately.

With the ability to run design simulation in the cloud, Autodesk is changing the game to allow smaller businesses compete with large companies. Designers can now upload their design to Autodesk 360 and simulate their products to test performance before a physical prototype is made. This means no investment in hardware or software, and the steps are easy for any designer to learn. By testing digitally, manufacturers spend much less on physical prototypes.
Autodesk has made it even more accessible. Check out the Autodesk Simulation Hub where you can:

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