July 25, 2013

Posted July 25, 2013 by Robert Reid, Synergis Manufacturing Solutions Engineer:
A Variable-Radius Fillet contains a radius that varies along the length of a specified edge. To create the fillet, a location along the specified edge is initially created as the start point, and then afterwards, a second point is specified as the endpoint. You can also add intermediate points, each of which can have a different radius. The transition type will determine the shape of Variable-Radius Fillet.
Let’s look at the following example. A plate is modeled 6” wide, 4” high, 3/4” thick.

On the Modify Panel, click Fillet.

Click on Variable:

Let’s walk through an example.
1. First, select the edge:

2.  The Start Point is highlighted along the specified edge with a white arrowhead:

3.  The End Point is the highlighted with a white arrowhead:

4.  The Radius is also shown for both the start and end positions.

5.  The position values that are shown represent a percentage of the line.  0.0 represents 0 (zero), 1.0 represents 100% of the line.
6.  Here, I select 2 points along this edge:

7.  Point 1 represents 23.40% of the line or 0.234 x 6″ = 1.404″
8.  Point 2 represents 73.28% of the line or 0.7328 x 6″ = 4.3968″
9.  To adjust the values, click on the Position value and change:

10.  The Radius values can also be changed in the same matter, at the same time the Position value is being changed:

Clicking OK in the dialog box, we accept the changes that have been made:

A Variable-Radius Fillet has been created!
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