July 1, 2013

Posted on July 1, 2013 by Jim Swain, Project Manager, Manufacturing Solutions:
It is very easy to add a new panel to any tab in Inventor’s ribbon user interface. This panel, appropriately named User Commands, can contain any desired command. Each tab can have its own user command panel. So commands can be tailored to the specific action.
Here’s how it works:
1. Go to the desired tab, such as the 2D Sketch tab shown here:

2. Right click in the ribbon and select Customize User Commands

A new dialog box pops up, allowing you to select the commands for the new panel.

The commands can be filtered with the drop down list in the upper right of the dialog box.
3. Highlight a command in the left hand pane, then use the Add >> button to move the command to the right hand pane.
Note: You can use the shift and control keys to select multiple commands and move them in a group. Add as many commands to the panel as you want. They will be stacked in up to three rows of tools.

4. Use the arrows on the right side to change the order of the commands.
5. Turn on the check marks for Large icons and Text for commands you want to emphasize. Large icons won’t stack.
Once you leave the tab, the User Commands panel isn’t displayed. So create a different panel for each tab and include the commands that make sense for that tab. For example, I like having quick access to the bolted connection tool whenever I am in an assembly. I could add it to the Quick Access Toolbar, but I would like a large icon that is easy to find.
In the Assemble tab I create a User Commands panel and add the Bolted Connection tool.  I save my changes, and then exit the dialog box.  Finally, I drag the User Commands panel to the far left of the Assemble tab’s panels.

One last note: In the Customize User Commands dialog box there are Export and Import buttons at the bottom of the box. Save a copy of your panels to a safe place once you have perfected them.

I hope that helps you find the tools you use over and again in a more convenient place for you.  If you have questions or other topics you would like help with, let us know.
Until next time,

Jim is Synergis’ Project Manager for Manufacturing Solutions and has been with Synergis since 1997.  Prior to joining Synergis he worked in the consumer electronics and automotive industries as a design engineer, a test engineer, and as a CAD administrator. He has also taught design classes at the college level. Jim’s broad knowledge base helps him to understand customers’ problems and offer appropriate solutions. Jim earned BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University. Jim is a certified Inventor Expert, having been in the first group of people to take and pass the Autodesk Inventor Certified Expert Exam at Autodesk University in 2003. He has also presented classes at Autodesk University since 2003.  Email Jim with a question or request.

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