June 27, 2013

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You can use the AutoCAD e-transmit feature to remove problem printer setups and plot styles, as well as some problems with links external files.

The Workflow for Using the eTransmit function is as follows:

  1. Go to the application menu, click publish.
  2. Select “eTransmit” to launch the “Create Transmittal” dialog box.
  3. Select “Transmittal Setups”.
  4. In the setup dialog box select “Modify”.
  5. Set “Transmittal package type” to folder.
  6. Set “File format” to the desired AutoCAD version.
  7. Set “Transmittal file folder” and “Path Options” as desired to save file in a safe location.
  8. Under “Actions” select “Set default printer to ‘none’”.
  9. OK the “Transmittal Setup” dialog.
  10. Close the “Transmittal Setups” dialog box.
  11. Click OK in the Create Transmittal.

Usage Scenario:

You try to print an AutoCAD file, and find that it won’t print and displays an error message:

“This plotter configuration cannot be used for one of these reasons: the driver cannot be found, the device cannot be found, or the driver has a problem. The “None” plot device has been substituted.”

This error is being caused by old plotter setups or pen styles that can no longer be used by any of your current printers/plotters. You try using the “purge” command, and then print again, only to get the same error message again. So how do you strip the old data out of the file so that you can use your current printer/plotter setups?

The easiest solution is to make use of the AutoCAD eTransmit command to remove all the old printer/plotter setups and pen styles. The eTransmit function is normally used to bundle a package of drawing files together so they can be easily sent electronically. However this feature also has the ability to clean out all the old problem printer setups and plot styles from the drawing.

The process for using the eTransmit function to clear a drawing of this problem data is as follows. Go to the main applications menu by clicking on the “A” in the upper left of the program widow and select “Publish”.

Click on “eTransmit” to open the “Create Transmittal” dialog box:
Click on the “Transmittal Setups” button:

To open the Setup dialog box, and click on “Modify”:

In the next dialog box, under “Transmittal package type” select the format in which you want to save the file. In the “Transmittal file folder” box navigate to a location where the file is to be saved. In the “Path options” select the desired file structure you want the new file to have. The crucial step is to go to the right side of this dialog box, and under “Actions” be sure to check the box next to “Set default plotter to “none’”:pp5


This will delete all the custom plotter styles and/or pen settings in the drawing and default the current print style to the “none” option as if it were a brand new empty drawing. Now click “OK” in the modify transmittal dialog, click “Close” in the transmittal setups dialog, and “OK” in the create transmittal dialog box. The drawing will then be saved out to the location you set in the modify transmittal setup dialog box with all plot styles and pen settings deleted. You should now be able to use the plot function as normal to select your current system’s plotter and pen configurations as you normally would without getting any error messages.

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