June 14, 2013

Posted on June 14, 2013 by Robert Reid, Manufacturing Solutions Engineer:

With the release of Inventor 2013, Autodesk brings us a new feature found within the “Autodesk Exchange Application Manager.”  It’s a new feature called the “Batch Spell Check!”  The spell check tool allows users to check their Inventor drawing for any misspellings.  Users must be aware that at this time only Inventor “IDWs” are supported by the spell checker.  Within those IDWs, only “text” and “leader text” can be checked.

Downloading the Spell Checker:

  1.  Click on the “Tools” tab:
  2.  Click on Exchange App Manager on the “Options” panel:
  3.  The Autodesk Exchange App Manager will open:
  4.  Click on the link at the bottom of the  Dialogue Box:
  5. This will take you to the Autodesk Exchange App Website
  6. On the Right side of the webpage, you will see the free download for the Spell Checker App.
  7.  Close Inventor 2013
  8. Click on it and download to it’s default location (Click save and run)
  9. Restart Inventor after download.
  10. Click on the Add-ins Tab. You will now see that the Batch Spell Check is now installed:
  11. You can also check the “Add-in Manager” to make sure it is loaded.

Tools Tab/Options Panel/Click on Add-ins:

To access help for an Exchange App:

The help is found in the default install location.



Tools tab/Option Panel/Click on Exchange App Manager, right click on any app and click help:

Running the Batch Spell Check

Click the add-ins tab, click on batch spell checker:

The batch spell checker dialogue box opens:

The about tab:

Under file selection:

1)    Check all files in a folder
2)    Only check selected drawings in a folder
3)    What is that selected folder, we can browse out to it
4)    A list of all files selected


1)    Create a log file? Yes or no?
2)    Log file location if decide to save
3)    Do you want to overwrite corrected files
4)    Location of corrected files
5)    Specify prefix if needed
6)    Specify suffix if needed

Two examples of running the Spell Checker:

The first example is an inventor “idw” drawing of a hub
The second example will be an inventor “idw” drawing of a threaded shaft

Example 1:

The hub drawing will contain text, the shaft drawing will contain text, and also leader text.
The misspellings on the hub drawing:

  1. Selected idw file
  2. File name
  3. Start spell check

Click start spell check:

The spell checker will run, analyze the drawing, and display any misspellings within the drawing and suggest the correction:

Click change, and the text will then be updated.

Continue to all changes are corrected:

After the last is corrected, close the spell checker, open the drawing, confirm all changes are made:


Example 2: 

The Shaft drawing

The misspellings on the shaft drawing:

For the shaft with both text and leader text:


The corrections:

I hope the spell check features helps you focus on design and less time on checking for written errors.  Have questions?  Contact us by phone (800.836.5440) or email.

Happy designing,

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Robert Reid graduated from Middlesex College in New Jersey with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. With over 25 years of Industrial Machine Design, including Wire Drawing Machinery, Plastic Processing Machinery, & Packaging Machinery, Robert has held various positions within the workforce, including, Manager of Engineering; Sheet Extrusion Dept, Manager of Engineering, Chief Design Engineer. He is currently an Autodesk Inventor Certified Expert.
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