May 31, 2013

Posted May 31, 2013 by Darin Green, Synergis Helpdesk Solutions Engineer:
Prior to the release of Autodesk 2012 products, Autodesk provided license files and activation codes that didn’t have an expiration date. The license would display “Permanent” for expiration date.
Once Autodesk released their 2012 products, they also incorporated an expiration date tied to the contract end date. What this mean is when you purchase your Autodesk software and get a subscription account, you have options for 1-3 year contract terms. Let’s say you purchased a 3 year contract on January 31, 2013, which means it will expire on January 31, 2016. Prior to the expiration date, you’ll begin receiving notifications that your products will expire in XX days.
If you’re like most of us, you might wait until there is only 1 or 2 days remaining before seeking a solution. That would be a BAD idea for a number of reasons.

  1. If you haven’t renewed your subscription contract, it will end and you’ll have to pay more money to get back onto subscription.
  2. If you’re using a network license, it can diminish office production and raise cost because your entire office will be without work until you either renew your subscription, or drop your subscription contract altogether which you will still need to request a new license file from Autodesk.

When you first notice the expiration notification, you should contact your Autodesk Reseller to renew your contract immediately.
Once your subscription contract has been renewed, you’ll continue getting the expiration notification until the time elapses and/or you reactivate the products.
For network licensing, you can immediately request an updated license file from your Autodesk Reseller and they will put in a request to Autodesk (response up to 4 hours) or you may contact Autodesk Activation & Registration Department directly at (800) 551-1490.
For standalone activations, you’ll need to activate the product again which you’re given the option during the startup of your products. There are cases where you’re able to use the 30 day trial mode to continue working until your subscription and license request is finalized. However, if you ever used the 30 day trial on your machine before activating the software (even if you only used it for 1 hour), you’ll no longer have the option to run as trial because the clock started ticking the minute you choose Run as Trial before the original activation.
If you have any questions pertaining to this or general Autodesk licensing, please contact the Synergis Helpdesk via email ( or phone (800.836.5440).
Hope this information helps.
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