May 22, 2013

Posted on May 22, 2013 by Bill McKown, Synergis Solutions Engineer:
Something happened to me yesterday…
I was asked by a user:  How can I print layers out so I can see all my layer names and what is on/off and frozen/thawed.  My first reaction was like: Oh I have an old LISP routine that I used to use for that back in the day.  Well, long story short, I couldn’t find it anyway.
Then I thought I’d issue the -LA command to call up the layer list on the text screen, and copy and paste it into word.  (oh, it gets even uglier- see below).
—————— ———– —————— ———— ————
“0”                on       -P   4 (cyan)         “Continuous”   Default
“A-Anno-Scrn”      off      -P 250                “Continuous”  0.250 mm.
“A-CLGN-SUSP”      off      -P  11                “HIDDEN2”  0.000 mm.
“A-CLNG-DIMS”      off      -P   4 (cyan)         “Continuous”   Default
Then I thought wonder if the Layers dialog box could be copied and  pasted into word, that looked even worse still, see below!

kUsed A-CLGN-SUSP False False False 11 HIDDEN2 LineWeight000 True  
kUsed A-CLNG-DIMS False False False cyan Continuous ByLineWeightDefault True  
kUsed A-CLNG-PATT False False False red Continuous ByLineWeightDefault True  
kUsed A-CLNG-SUSP True False False 11 HIDDEN2 ByLineWeightDefault True  
kUsed A-CLNG-TEXT False False False green Continuous ByLineWeightDefault True  

Then I thought I’d try to paste it into MS Excel, and Yes- finally Success! (see below)
So to produce a really nice layer list:

  1. Open up the Layer Properties dialog.
  2. Highlight the layer you want or all of the layers (CTRL-A) .
  3. Copy the layers to the clipboard (CTRL-C)
  4. Open up Excel and paste from the clipboard (CTRL-V)

So the moral of the story is don’t give up, after a few false starts you’ll figure it out!
… and so if you’re out tonight don’t forget, if you’re on your bike, wear white…
Bill McKown is Synergis’ Visualization expert. Having joined the company in 2011, his prior employment involved CAD design, 3D renderings for both architectural and interior design projects, and training and supporting for all the products associate with these. Bill has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Arts in Education and additional certifications in Computer Animation and Autodesk solutions.
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