April 30, 2013

We received 29 projects this year for the Annual Synergis Architecture Competition.  It was challenging to choose just three to post, but our team of engineers finally decided.  All of these schools are invited to attend Synergis University on June 5 and present their projects to local employers and educators from all over.  And cash is always good, so we offer $1,000 to the winning team and $500 to the second place team.

And the top three (in aphabetical order) are:

Montgomery High School

Students:  Jeremy Bilotti & Sean O’Mara
Instructor:  Tim Leicht
Montgomery High School always brings great work to the competition.  I was told that the students believed they had to do better than their winning peers last year. Their project is worked out in three phases so that owners could build and add on as budgets are allocated.  Check out the project.

Palisades High School

Students:  Jon Anton & Reed Spangenberg
Instructors:  Chris Willman & Cathy Beck
This pair offered many visualizations to better portray the activites and space.  They have many creative ideas and design knowledge.  Check out their project here.

Susquehannock High School  

Students:  Alexandra Weaver & Katie Steines
Instructor:  James Rayburn
This team really explored details in each room focusing on creating attractive, eye-catching rooms that encourage learning and imagination.  Check out their project here.
Congratulations to these three teams for making it this far!

Now it’s your turn!

Vote now for the project you like the best, by going to the Synergis Facebook page and like the one you want to win!
See the official Guidelines for this year’s competition here.