April 24, 2013

Posted on April 24, 2013 by Bill Knittle, Synergis Building Solutions Engineer:

Today I wanted to talk about those frustration electrical circuits.  Here is a quick video to help you out when you are dealing with finicky electrical circuits.


I hope it helps.  Let us know what you are running into and I can address is in another post.  Tune in tomorrow for a video on Building Your own Roof Truss Families which will save you time AND picks and clicks.



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Bill has a four year Architectural Engineering degree from the University of Hartford. He has accumulated over seven years of industry experience at George J. Donovan AIA & Associates of Bedminster. During that time he managed the company’s CAD standards and mentored his colleagues while providing design, documentation, and in some cases, management services on a variety of architectural projects. Some of his most notable projects include the adaptive reuse of a two vacant structures into usable facilities. The first was an empty factory into leasable office condominiums and the second was the conversion of a dilapidated 81 year old silk mill into a local bank’s administration building. For the past five years at Synergis, Bill has been training, supporting, and implementing the Building Solutions offered from Autodesk, primarily the Revit applications. His accomplishments include many certifications which include AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, and Revit Architecture. He is also an Implementation Certified Expert for Revit Architecture and Structure. Bill’s latest achievement was acquiring the MEP Systems Specialist certification from Autodesk which has propelled Synergis as a Platinum Service Provider. Bill’s interactions with customers have provided him with constant challenges that lead him to think outside the box.  As a result, he has authored several technical solutions for publications which include AEC Bytes and Cadalyst as well as, produced several tips and tricks videos for the Synergis Website and You Tube channel. He enjoys consulting with a many different Architectural or Engineering firms struggling to implement the BIM process using the Revit application.  Bill has been certified many times on Autodesk products, including Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, AutoCAD , and AutoCAD Architecture.

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