April 4, 2013

Posted on April 4, 2013 by Robert Reid, Synergis Manufacturing Solutions Engineer:
When working in Inventor 2013, Drawing Styles are changed or Modified and are not properly saved, the Style Conflict dialog box will appear when opening a new drawing template. The following step-by-step workflow will show you how to avoid style conflicts.

Error: Style Conflict

Note: A copy of the design data folder should always be saved or backed-up immediately following any install of Inventor software!

  1. Back-Up Design Data Folder prior to attempting.
  2. SAVE & Close any Inventor Files that are open.
  3. Open Projects Editor:
  4. Change the “Use Style Library” from Read-Only to Read-Write:  
  5. Click Save.  Click Done.  Close the Projects Editor:  
  6. Open your Default Drawing Template:  
  7. At this point, you can open the Styles Editor by going to the Manage Tab, and on the Styles and Standards Panel, click Styles Editor to open:
  8. Make all necessary changes to the current default template.
  9. In the Styles and Standard Editor, Click the Style Standard you use, click on Available Styles and UN-Check the Styles you do not use. Click Save.  Click Done to Close the Styles and Standard Editor.  
  10. On the Styles and Standards Panel, click Save.  
  11. In the Save Styles to Style Library, click yes to all, click OK.  
  12. Click Yes in the Overwrite Style Library Information:  
  13. Click on the BIG I (Application Settings) in the upper left hand corner, click on Save As, then Save Copy As Template:  
  14. Overwrite the existing template, click Save:  
  15. Click Yes in the Confirm Save As:  
  16. Close the Current Drawing that is opened, do not save.  Instead, change the Project File back to Read-Only:  

Click Save, click Done.   You can now open a New Template with No Style Conflicts.
I hope that helps prevent some future frustration.  Let us know what errors are popping up for you and we will tell you how to prevent it.  Use the comments below or email us.
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Robert Reid graduated from Middlesex College in New Jersey with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. With over 25 years of Industrial Machine Design, including Wire Drawing Machinery, Plastic Processing Machinery, & Packaging Machinery, Robert has held various positions within the workforce, including, Manager of Engineering; Sheet Extrusion Dept, Manager of Engineering, Chief Design Engineer. He is currently an Autodesk Inventor Certified Expert.
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