March 29, 2013

Posted on March 29, 2013 by Bill McKown, Visualization Solutions Engineer:
The fifth Friday of the month and as promised here is that video on how to map a decal on a material using a Composite Layer with a mask and various blend modes in 3ds Max.
[wpvideo 6MhKsUvN]
I hope you find the Friday videos helpful.  If you missed any of this month’s 3ds Max video posts, they are right here:

  • March 1 – How to Use the Scene State Manager
  • March 8 – How to Use the Material Editor
  • March 15 – How to Use the Shape Merge
  • March 22 – How to Use Ambient Occlusions

Let us know what features you struggle with and I will make a video out of it.  Email us.
Happy Friday!
Bill is Synergis’ Visualization expert. Having joined the company in 2011, his prior employment involved CAD design, 3D renderings for both architectural and interior design projects, and training and supporting for all the products associate with these. Bill has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Arts in Education and additional certifications in Computer Animation and Autodesk solutions.
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