March 26, 2013

Posted on March 26, 2013 by Nikki Szymanski:
Points in Civil 3D are blocks you need to extract to create a point file.  Here I will go over the steps to get this done so you can move your work from AutoCAD to Civil 3D.
1. On the Ribbon go to the “Insert” tab and select Extract Data

2. When the Data Extraction box comes up, accept default – Create a new data extraction.  Click next.

Save file as *****.dxe

3. Choose “Select objects in the current drawing”

Select all objects in drawing.

Click next.
4. Uncheck boxes for Circle, Line and Point. Select block name XCIR and click Next.

5. Right column: Category filter
Uncheck boxes: 3D Visualization, Drawing, General, Misc.

Left hand side of box: Properties
Uncheck boxes: Position Z, Scale X,  Scale Y, Scale Z Click Next.

6. Click, then right-click on Count.  Select Hide Column.
Click, then right-click on Name.  Select Hide Column

Now move columns in order PNEZD format

  • P= point number
  • N=Northing
  • E=Easting
  • Z=Elevation
  • D= description

Click next.
7. Output options
Click  the check on for Output data to external file use (.csv).
Save file.
Click next.

8. Open point file and delete first row of information not needed.

Save as a .csv file.

9. In Civil 3D Home tab on ribbon, click on Points, then Point Creation Tools. Go to Import Point and find the file (.csv). Specify file format
Choose PNEZD (comma delimited)
Click ok.

10.   If Point style and Point Label style are incorrect, reset them.
Turn off block points or delete in drawing.

And that is it.  If you run into any issues, contact us and we can get you turned around.
Thank you
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