January 29, 2013

Januray 29, 2013, post by Nikki Szymanski:
As I go onsite to different clients, I come accross some tricks that not everyone uses, but could save you a lot of time.  Here’s five that I often give to the firms I visit:

1.  Extract Contours from a Surface:  Use extract objects for surface.
Surface>Utilities> Extract objects for surface.

2.  Remove break lines or points from a surface:
Surface properties>Definition tab> under operation type, remove from definition.

3.  Leave your re-build automatic turned off.  Then when you edit your surface you may re-build yourself so you may see the updates.

4.  Always check your data: You will be able to see your elevations by checking the minimum elevation and the maximum elevation to make sure you don’t have a bust in your surface.
Surface properties>Statistics tab.

5.  Simplify your surface: Eliminate some points to make your surface file more manageable.
Surface>Edit surface> Simplify surface.  You can remove points, select a region and select the percentage of points to remove.

I hope these simple tricks help you be more productive.  If you have any questions on features to improve your workflow, contact us and let us know.