December 6, 2012

Autodesk is teaming with the non-profit organization, Engineers Without Borders which is dubbed, ‘The Blueprint Brigade” by Time magazine.  The organization consists of over 12,000 members and supports more than 400 projects across the world to meet the basic human needs in communities that live below poverty or have been devastated.[wpvideo 8hCIDt8Y]
And you can help!
Register for a FREE Autodesk 360 account – a cloud based service that gives you access to storage, collaboration and tools to design, visualize and simulate to take your designs further.  When you sign up, Autodesk will automatically donote $1 to Engineers Without Borders.  So for us, this is a no-brainer.  Register and Autodesk gives.
What can you get out of it?  New tools.  You don’t have to use the site to donate, however, we think that once you are there, you will find access to some phenomenal tools like access to cloud rendering and simualtion that previously bogged down your hardware and clowed down your workflow.  Now you put it in the cloud and hours later it is handed back to you without ever slowing your design process.
Sign up for Autodesk 360 for free.
Learn more about Eningeers Without Borders.